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Many dealings and I have yet to have a mistake or Lack of communication. Find a very good partnership being formed for business.
- Fluteman

amazing mix of coins and dates!
- John,Julie

.50 cents per coin less than local dealers
- Flutelinenman

Shipped Fast and True to description
- Flutelinenman

My questions were answered very quickly! My item s were packaged well and shipping was quick! Coins are in great shape. I'll be back for sure!! A+++
- Dennis

Fast shipping and Honest to deal with
- Flutelinenman

True to description & shipped timely
- Flutelinenman

Shipped Correctly and Fast
- Flutelinenman

Good Prices - Shipped Fast
- Flutelinenman

True to description & shipped timely
- Roger D Force

Shipped Fast and True to description
- Roger D FOrce

OMG, lighting fast shipping. I was extremely impressed at the handling time. Placed order on Friday and received it on Monday. Not bad. I'm a customer for life. Thanks!
- Gil

Best prices online I have found, was very impressed with the shipping time
- Erik

Thanks for the quality coins. Already have one order processing with you. With your more then fair prices and shipping, I will be a long term buyer for sure. Thanks Guys and Girls.
- Joshua

On time, as ordered, Packed perfectly! What more could you ask for?
- John

If i'm gonna by coins online, this is the place I will now do it. Best online prices ever.
- Paul

All dates and mint marks legible, this is better than junk silver

Better prices than APMEX or Kitco.I am very satisfied with my purchase, wished I could buy more
- Heerco1

Not ANYWHERE can one find prices, deals and steals like that of which is here at BigCoins. Great mixes on every order, NEVER had a problem, ALWAYS beautiful coins. Here, this family based biz will DEF not hustle you. Truly 1 of a kind, honest ppl!
- CoinCollector13

Big order with SUPERB coins. 1916-S Mercury; Early Morgans; BU 64' Kennedy; Early-Date Roosevelt's; INCREDIBLE BU/Proof coins - 2x 90% State Quarter Sets (both diff.); Stunning Wash. Half w/ papers! Love it!!
- CoinCollector13

Officially in love w/ BigCoins! I could spend every dime I had here at the store (and probably will). Big order, 2-day speed shipping, OUTSTANDING coins... AGAIN -- Thanks!!
- CoinCollector13

Truly remarkable lot of Morgan Silver Dollars. Amazing coins at incredible prices. Don't know where to buy your silver? Buy it here! Best prices, fastest shipping and most honest group of sellers out there!
- Sy

Beyond gorgeous $2.00 face BU/Proof Coins -- 5 ct. 90% silver State Quarter Set (in case) -- a sight for sore eyes! Super fast shipping, amazing prices. Buy from BigCoins, they know how to take care of their customers! Thanks!!
- Sy

Absolutely STUNNING mixed Morgan lot -- I couldn't have asked for better quality, nor faster shipping! Thanks!
- Siah

Light-speed shipping - friendly, honest, compassionate & trustworthy merchants who are willing to go above & beyond to see that their customers are satisfied. Not only are they passionate about & committed to their business, but to their customers as well
- Josiah

1880-S MS-64 ICG Morgan -- Truly a remarkable piece at a truly remarkable price.
- Josiah

1925 Peace -- Of the utmost highest possible quality of standards. An exceptional find at an even better price.
- Josiah

$2.00 face Washington Quarters -- great variety of dates and should be placed in the "not even close to junk" category.
- Josiah

Felt I was taking a bit of a risk ordering $4.00 random face -- well, I shouldn't have been worried to begin with. 2 beautiful VF W. Liberties, 2 stunning Franklins, 2 outstanding K. Halves and 10 Roosevelts (with a full-mix of dates) -- all excellent!
- Josiah

Admittedly, it can be difficult to get even one high quality silver war-nickel in a silver junk lot. Well, not with BigCoins. Not only did I get one fully-struck step war-nickel, but two! Thanks, BigCoins, you truly are the best coin crew out there!
- J.P.

STUNNING $4.00 face Mercury Dimes -- Later dates, but all tremendous circulated quality. I must admit, I was pleasantly surprised to find these "junk" Mercury Dimes were not junk at all!
- J.P.

A truly beautiful MS-64 Peace. I couldn't be more satisfied; not with the price, nor the quality -- I will be buying again soon and will also vouch for BigCoins when I say you should, too!
- J.P.
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